in our restaurants

where everyone can afford a good pizza. That's why we created a place where everyone can come.

We started in 2000, at a time when the culinary offerings in Polish cities were not as rich and diverse as they are now. By opening our first restaurant, we were trailblazers. Our goal was to open a trattoria - a place with an Italian style, less formal than a restaurant. We quickly became a very popular spot and gained the appreciation of our guests. Over time, Fabryka Pizzy began to expand.

The plan was to bring good pizza to other places, including smaller towns. This mission continues to drive us today.


Currently, Fabryka Pizzy is now FABBRICA Italian Comfort Food. The name change was a difficult decision for us, but for years we have not been just a pizzeria, which is how Fabryka Pizzy was primarily perceived.

Our menu has evolved over the years, and now you will find fresh pasta, risotto, fish, meat, and many other delicious dishes on our menu, though pizza remains our staple. Our specialty is sunny Italian cuisine, and we want the new name to attract its enthusiasts.

The basis of our dishes is a delicious sauce, dough, and cheeses. That's why we source aromatic tomatoes, pizza flour, mozzarella, and truffle paste from Turin, Ravenna, and Naples. We use only natural spices - we love garlic, peperoncino peppers, basil, thyme, and oregano.

The vegetables and other ingredients we use in our kitchen arrive from local suppliers, delivered fresh to our locations every morning. Our thin pizza crust is the result of precise, handmade preparation. We only stretch the dough by hand - like in a real Italian trattoria - and then bake it on stone to make it perfectly crispy.

We also prepare vegan and gluten-free pizzas. We use a specially selected plant-based cheese - we searched a long time to find one that meets our culinary standards. We are also a place for those who exercise and want to stay fit - we have whole wheat pizza and pasta as well as fresh salads. Our menu also includes gluten-free dishes.

We currently have several restaurants in various regions of Poland. We are happy to have been together for so many years.