since 2000

we have been executing our dream of creating a network of italian restaurants.

You don't need to have experience in the food industry to collaborate with us; you just need to love Italian cuisine and want to share it. We support our partners at all times from signing the contract, through the investment period, to everyday operations.

A staple of our establishments is a well-thought-out menu and high-quality ingredients we use to prepare our dishes. We provide a proven way to operate. We deliver a complete restaurant project (interior architecture, room layout including back- of-house areas, equipment list, visualizations). We conduct training and share all the knowledge we have accumulated over more than twenty years of operating. 

Collaboration in a group of restaurateurs. Our partners are important to us - we listen to them and stay in frequent contact. We develop by observing how the culinary offer changes in Poland and abroad. 

In 2010, we signed our first franchise agreement. Today, there are several dozen restaurants. If you also dream of having your own restaurant, write to us and join our network.